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I am Thankful for...

2019 was a healing year for me. I learned so much by all the experiences God graced upon me. I have always been close with my son, but we bonded this year on a different level. He matured right before my eyes into a smart & capable young man. He's not a little boy any more. He turned 13 years old and he took that age and being a now jr. high student, to show how his personality and his core beliefs can handle life. I will always be grateful for the connection we have.

I also learned that past experiences, without being taken care of and acknowledged, can affect your life, in the present. My husband showed me how a woman, a person, a mom, should be treated. When you are being loved in a healthy way, you will start seeing how you should be respected and loved. I learned at almost 40 years old...boundaries are necessary. We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and I am genuinely happy with my life partner.

I also left a job I loved. LOVED. I have been the senior staff photographer for Times Publications for the last 4 years; with the company for almost 6 yrs, until this October. My favorite part of my job was meeting such interesting, smart and unique people when I was on photo assignment. I met store owners, restaurant owners, moms, dads, teachers, politicians, musicians and so many more. I felt a connection with just about every subject I photographed. I loved being able to know what was going on in my community and throughout the valley. Not everyone gets to be up on current events in their state. I was able to attend and photograph school board meetings, protests, and special events. I saw the behind the scenes, the backstages of major concerts, the set up of a charity event or Michelle Obama visiting students at a round table of about 10. I got to smash glass with a bat, eat the most delish meals and go in a helicopter ride over Downtown Chandler.

Working at Times Publications will always hold a special place for me. I got to work with smart, funny and driven editors, writers, designers and interns.

It is time for me to focus on FAMILY. My family and friends are quite possibly the best support system and group of supporters a girl could ask for. I have been focusing on my career and working for news and that takes time...a lot of it. I was not able to focus on my own family photography business. I want to use my photojournalistic style and experience to enhance your experience with you and your family. I want to showcase the way your husband or wife looks at you, the way your son smiles and your daughter's dimples when she is laughing at you tickling her! I was fortunate, in that my parents took a ton of photos when I was growing up. I want to keep the tradition of people treasuring their photographs. I want you to remember the emotion you felt when the photo was taken, the way you looked at that age, the environment in your hometown here, the way it changes through the years. The connections.

(Photo above taken by my dad. My sister, Michelle, holding me, withy brother, James, in the corner).

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