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My 5 Favorite Dog Movies!

Who doesn't love a great movie?! Add a dog, and I'm in!

Here are some of my favorite dog movies! You can click on the photos to view the trailers below!

A Dog's Purpose

I read the book first and loved both the book & the movie! (I will always prefer a book though). I love how this movie is told from a dog's perspective. You know we all pretend we know what's going on in our furry friend's minds, so it's cute watching what it may be like in this movie!


Hachi is based on a true story and is so heartwarming. It really shows the human & dog bond, the loyalty, and unconditional love dogs have for us.


A movie about a dog and the therapy a pet can give even during the darkest times.

Max was a former military dog and meets a teenager with that he bonds.

Lady & The Tramp

A classic!! But, the newer version!

All Dogs Go To Heaven

I watched this one with my family when I was younger. I think everyone should watch this movie! I am a kid at heart sometimes and love a great cartoon movie over a drama any day!

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