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5 Tips for Taking a Better Selfie!

Wether you are wanting to take a selfie to promote your business, or to just exist in photos for your children, here are my tips for taking a better selfie!

1. Lighting.

You will want to get the lighting right. You'll want to be shaded from harsh sunlight but with plenty of daylight to illuminate yourself. You can stand/sit in a shaded area. If you're indoors, face a large window.

2. Position

Angle your body slightly. Turn your torso slightly to the left or to the right. A slight angle make for more interesting photo and is flattering for your body.

Lift your neck. It feels silly but lifting your neck and pushing it forward ever so slightly is very flattering for the final photo. (If you shoot with me, you probably get sick of me telling you "chin out and down")

Shoot from above, not straight on. Lift your camera slightly above eye level.

Experiment with which angles you like.

3. Take a lot!

We are our own worst critic, it takes me about 10-15 shots to find one I am happy to post on social media.

4. Use a timer or remote.

I can't not use my timer or a remote. On my iPhone there is an option for 3 seconds and 10 seconds. I use a bluetooth remote from Amazon and I love it! Put it on selfie mode so you can see yourself and click away on that remote!

5. Pay attention to your background.

You will want to make sure your background isn't too much to take away from you in the photo. Plain backgrounds bring the focus back to you. You will also want to make sure there isn't anything in the background you don't want someone to see (a messy bathroom or bedroom vs in front of a plain curtain pulled back to allow some light in).

So, those are my favorite tips on how to take a better selfie! Moms, exist in photos! These aren't just tips for personal branding but to include photos of yourself in them for your family to treasure.

Here is one my tries!

P.S. Totally embracing my wrinkles ;-)

And don't forget to have fun! It shows in the photo!

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