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Paw Pups, Mini Sessions, and the Full Experience!

What is the difference between a "Paw Pup", a "Mini Session" and a "Full Session"?

Our "Paw Pups" are for promoting an event at a location such as a pet store, a dog festival, a dog party, or for fundraising. They are usually booked by the host or the dog rescue and are donation based from the attendees. The pets usually get up to 1-5 min of camera time!

A "Mini Session" is a shortened version of the full session. They're usually set to a specific theme and give humans a preview of what a full-session photo experience could be. The doggos usually get 10-15 minutes of camera time!

A full session is just that; a complete experience that can be up to 2 hours (dogs do not usually last much longer than 2 hours). We come to you or we pick a location together that best suits your family. Humans are included in our full sessions! This option is best for families with multiple dogs.

Let's chat about how you want your pet photographed!

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