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Tips for having a photo session with your children, less stressful!

Kids are unpredictable. We know this. And I LOVE it! Kids are my favorite subjects to photograph! They have so much energy and zest for life! But, I also know how stressful that can be for parents on a photoshoot. I don’t want you to worry about that though, that’s my job for the hour. I want to capture your kids that way they are at that moment. Those are memories! A family photo session, to me, should be an experience for you guys. Another memory you are making together!

Here are some extra tips to help make the photo session a fun experience for everyone:


Make sure your kids are comfortable. So, be mindful of the weather. Make sure they will be dressed warm enough or cool enough, even more so in Arizona. It gets hot here fast! And hopefully your kiddos will be running around some while having fun, that’ll break a sweat in any weather! Also make sure any accessories are to the kids’ liking. That big bow may look totally adorbs but if your little one doesn’t like it, she won’t be happy during that photo session.


Extra snacks. No one is having fun when they are hangry. Am I right?! Even if your kiddo had dinner right beforehand, they eat...a lot, at random times. I would suggest the less messy the better. Goldfish were my son’s go to snack. Cheesy puffs too but you won’t want orange fingers on everything, including the new dress you got for the photo session!


Talk to your kids about the photoshoot. Surprises can be cool, but not for kids that you think aren’t shy but are as soon as a stranger is pointing a camera at their face, they hide in your armpit (although--if they do this, I will still take that photo). If they know I will be taking photos of them and that it will be SO much fun, they will be a little more excited! The more positive an experience you make, the better. You can use this tips for the husbands/dads too hehe!!


Bring their favorite toy. No, the toy may not match your outfits or the “theme” of your session, but if that toy is the only thing getting him or her to smile, bring it into the session! Remember, it’s an experience! And I want it to be a fun one for you! You’ll remember that toy twenty years from now when you’re looking back at the photos and smile, I promise.


Let your kids smile naturally. The more you tell your kids to smile or not to smile “like that”, the vibe changes. The best tip to get your kiddos to smile is to have fun yourself! Encourage them to look at you, not me. Those authentic smiles are the ones you’re going to want captured to look at when they’re older.


Bribes. Yep, those work too. I usually tell my son we’re getting ice cream when we’re finished. He’s 13 years old and it still works.

The most important tip through this blog post is to STAY POSITIVE. Have fun! Your kids will do the same.

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