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Matty G's

Photographing food is one of my favorite genres. There are so many textures and colors and I love seeing the chef so proud of his creation!

Located in Mesa, Matty G's is a restaurant with a fun sports theme! The burgers are huge and flavorful and just amazing!I loved photographing all of them on top of their different table cloths of baseball teams. I usually see a restaurant with one team as their theme. There so much different sports fun through out the whole place! I'm a baseball girl myself (especially the Diamondbacks), so I really enjoyed Matty G's. It is definitely kid friendly and includes a bar for the adults. I also LOVED the huge dog patio! Any restaurant that lets me enjoy lunch with my fur baby is on my list!

Check out the yumminess!

1958 E Brown Rd, Mesa, AZ 85203

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