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Samantha + Her Furry Friends

My assistant Trinity and I had so much fun at Samantha's dog + companion session! Leah and Sly trust their guardian, Sam, so much.

Leah's story is so touching! On Thanksgiving of 2017, on a road trip to Snowflake, Sam found Leah in the middle of nowhere. She had been bleeding from her gums and her teeth had been broken, a huge tear in her side and other scratches. She was also underweight. Sam got her back to healthy and they have been besties ever since!

Sam also rescued Sly! Sly is the cutest little basset hound! She found Sly running in traffic, no collar, no chip. She tried finding his guardians with no luck. One day, the guardians saw them walking and recognized Sly! They saw the love Sam and Sly had and let her be his new care taker!

Thank you Sam, for rescuing these amazing doggos!!

Check out her images from her session!

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