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Family Lifestyle Photo Sessions

I love family! I love all aspects of it! Most, if not all, images will be laughing and smiling or just simply just being present with each other at the session, but I want the in between moments, too. I love looking back at all the photos my parents kept. Especially the images with so much emotion! "I looked like that when I didn't get my way?!" Yes, yes you did. Or, "Oh my gosh, my mom looked gorgeous in that dress when I was a toddler; I didn't remember how her eyes sparkled when she gazed at my dad!" Whatever that photograph does to you, is special to me.

For on location sessions, we will find a location, together, that suits your family the best. I have several locations to choose from that include desert, urban, colorful and modern. Have an idea you like? For example, everyone grabbing ice cream at your favorite shop, let's go there! Prefer a studio session? Let's plan that because it's Arizona and's really hot here.

During most of the session, I will be prompting you, so you don't have to feel awkward trying to create the memorable photos....leave that to me! I may have you all do a family sandwich, maybe your spouse kissing your neck while holding your youngest, or everyone has to dance while looking at little Bobby, but there will be interactions and here it is again....connection!

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