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Artistic Pet Images vs Lifestyle Images

What are artistic images?

In my packages, I include artistic images and lifestyle images.

To me, my artistic images are the larger than life, the spectacular, the Wow! images. I also include Lifestyle Images. So, what is the difference?

Lifestyle images aim to capture moments, the in betweens, the connection. I love to capture lifestyle images with dog's and their fur parents, snuggling, loving, playing and showing that connection they have for each other. Lifestyle images also include solo images of your pet, do their thing!

I also want my clients to have an image that really shows all the beauty of their pet. The images are edited with bold, vibrant colors with beautiful skies and bright green grass! There are so many beautiful locations through out the valley; let's have them stand tall in the desert! Do they like water? Let's set up their session near the Salt River! Let's have them look regal with the water reflecting! Maybe they're small and I make them look as huge as their hearts are, or they're giant and we show off their long legs and confident stance! Each dog is individually different like us humans. And I want to showcase their individuality!

Here are some examples of my Artistic Images:

During your dog's photo session, we will let them sniff around and get acclimated. I will bond with them as well as interact with you, the humans! While we are all getting to know each other, we can hang out on a blanket, maybe have a pup cup cake, or walk around the location for bit if they have a lot of energy. That's when I slowly step away while you are spending quality time with your pet, and grab some images. Those are my lifestyle images!

Here are a few examples of my Lifestyle Images:

I'm excited to hear from you!

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