There is nothing more magical than capturing the spirit of your beloved dog in a photo. It gives me pleasure being able to create a beautiful photograph with soulful personality of people’s furry loved ones and transform them into memories to adorn on walls, frames, and albums. I enjoy photographing dogs (and their person) in a way that is artistic, genuine, and so full of life. If you are needing memorable portraits of your pet, then I’m your girl.


If you are looking to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, we can do a dog-friendly cake smash! Rejoice in a health milestone with your old, senior buddy, or capture tender, end of life moments of your fur-child of 15 years. The possibilities are endless, and honestly, you don’t need an excuse to remember moments with your best friend.


Giving back is a big part of who I am. As a life-long advocate for animal rights and rescue, I find time to support the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control and Lost our Home PetRescue, in several ways including volunteering, donating, and adoption photography. Check out their website for up-to-date animals who are ready to find a loving home.



What to expect 

  •  Consult 

We will have a phone or in person consultation to chat about how you want your pet photographed, where and where you want your images displayed. I want to know more about your dog and how he or she will be the most comfortable and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The photo session takes place! 

The photo session is going to be so fun! The photo session should never scare your dog. So, when we all first arrive, hopefully, I will be at the location first. I will probably not interact with you pet immediately, so as to set the tone of relaxation during the photo session. My assistants & I work off positive reinforcement with your furry friend. I will have your dog smells all the smells of the location, maybe do their business. Let them get comfortable with the area, while I slowly introduce myself. The connection is what we want captured, so connection I need. I will bond with your pet while we can go over any information before I start clicking. During this bonding, I will have your dog smell and check my camera out. I will also do the same with any lighting equipment. The safety of your pet is main my concern, so if any of my lighting scares them after we try to get them comfortable, we don't use it. That's ok too! 


I would love to get some play photos in sometimes, it's easier to start off with some play! Bring any special toys your pet may really get excited about! I will also get some candids, and at least one fine art type images. 

The session can run anywhere from an hour to 2 hours, depending on your pet. Again, it's all about your dog's comfortability. 

  • The ordering session happens!

We will set up your ordering session. We can even meet at your home if that is what is most convenient! We can also meet at a mutual location, or in a studio located in Tempe. Want to meet at a dog friendly location? Let's do it! 

The ordering session will be 2-3 weeks after your dog's photo session. I will also consult to help with what size wall art you prefer or which photo album cover you love. 

  • Your order will arrive to your home within 1-2 weeks!  

Image by freestocks

What if my dog cannot be off the leash?

Not a problem. This wouldn’t be the first time I was asked about this either. Thanks to my photo editing skills, we can make a leash disappear. Another option for you is to choose a fashionable leash.


How much experience do you have with animals? 

I’ve been photographing for almost a decade. I have been volunteering with the local shelters for a little over 2 years. I have had training in animal behavior, shelter dog behavior, and I am also pet CPR certified. 


What if my pet is stressed out during the session?

We will work with your pet to get the best photos possible. Prior to the session, we will discuss your pet’s personality in unfamiliar places, strangers, and other such habits. It is all aboaut making them comfortable and taking it slow. Oh, and treats help, too!

Is there a charge for additional dogs? 

No. Unlike other dog photographers, I encourage you to bring as many as you like! Sometimes, pets loosen up better with their friends. Come one, come all!


What if my dog isn’t well trained? 

Almost 90% of the animals I photograph aren’t trained, require leashes, and need a lot of owner intervention. Some are nervous, some hyper, and some are straight-up confused. I have experienced all sorts of different behaviors, and I am fully prepared!


How long does it take to receive the photos?

Typically, the turnaround is two weeks. If special edits or retouching needs are requested, it may take a tad bit longer. This will all be discussed after your session based on your desires and requirements!

Preparing your Pet for their Session


Let’s start with the beauty side of things. For long-haired animals, they should be properly groomed before the shoot. If this is not possible, consider having them simply brushed. Got boogies? Wipe them away from their eyes.


I generally provide snacks. However, if your animal has special dietary needs or allergies, consider bringing a small bag for them. Treats and even noises makers will keep them focused and attentive. Have them come a little hungry to give them motivation. They generally pay better attention when there is food involved.


On the day of the session, make sure to give them the right amount of exercise to help release nerves and energy. You know your animal best, so please exercise them enough to relieve any over-excitement, but be careful not to exhaust them completely.


Bring a leash and collar. If we are outdoors, it is better to safe than sorry. I can and will photoshop the leash out of the image. Please make sure your dog is wearing a standard collar. Martingale and prong collars, as well as harnesses, cannot be photoshopped out. 


If you plan on being in the photo shoot, plan your outfit ahead of time. I recommend wearing something flexible and comfortable. You will be moving around, on the ground, and having fun after all!