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Why Fine Art Prints?

Memories are important. So is documenting memories. We have become such a place of digital tech everywhere, that we keep most of our photos, not printed, just stored on our computers or social media platforms.

To me, prints are still important. I love having my memories tangible. I love walking into a home with prints framed on their walls and shelves! To me, it shows me a little bit about them, who they love, what they do, and memories that are important to them.

I have prints of my parents, my son, my pets and images of my husband & I. I want to see them every day, not on my computer.

Tech crashes! I've lost photos from crashed laptops and portable hard drives. I do print most of my photos, even the ones taken with my phone. I use the Groovebook App to print my phone photos. They're not fine art prints by any means, but they're printed. And stored.

The prints I do have on my wall, are fine art prints.

When booking your furry friend's photo session, you will receive prints and / or photo albums from Miller's Professional Lab.

Your furry friend will be printed, what is known as Giclee print (pronounced “zhee-clays”). Giclees can be used to reproduce many different types of art.

Giclee is a French term meaning “to spray”, referring to how an inkjet printer works and how giclee prints are usually produced. These large format inkjet printers use small spraying devices that can both match color and apply ink precisely, giving artists a high-quality print of their original art.

Here is an example of what you will receive! I mean, excluding the cute image of my Nogi, which will be replaced by an adorably awesome image of your dog!

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