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Pit Bull Facts: National Pit bull Awareness Month

*Rescued from Maricopa County Care & Control

October is National Pitbull Awareness Month!

I myself, am a guardian of two sweet pitties, that I consider family. My husband & I rescued them from the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control.

I trust them & they trust me.

Nogi + Mia

There are a few myths that people still believe.

MYTH: Pit bulls are an aggressive breed.

FACT: There are aggressive pit bulls, sure. There are also aggressive Shitzus, too. And chihuahuas. Those guys can do some damage.

There have been studies done that showed that pit bulls are no more or less aggressive than any other dog breed. But big dogs are generally more trainable and have a high work drive.

"Strut Your Mutt" Event

MYTH: Pit bulls' jaws lock in place when they bite, making them even more vicious.

FACT: Pit bulls have the same hinge-joint mouths that every dog has. There is no proof of any kind of "locking mechanism" of the jaw that is different from any other dog.

MYTH: Pit bulls should not be around children

FACT: They can absolutely be around children.

In 1860, pit bulls were bred in England and brought to the US with the founders, pitfalls were used as herding dogs. They also protected livestock and children.

Pit bulls were referred to as the "nanny dogs".

My pit bulls have changed my life. They're my best friends. They love me unconditionally and I the same.

I love to photograph the little wiggle butts!! If you have truly spent some time with a pit bull, you will love the wiggles and the head nudges!!

I had the pleasure of photographing some images for Pittie Me Rescue!

"Pittie Me Rescue is a small 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer based dog rescue.  We strive to educate the public on the misunderstood stigma placed on pit bull type dogs due to negative press and social stigmatism. We continually stress the importance of spaying and neutering, helping to control the population of unwanted dogs and the health benefits it provides.  Additionally we advocate for responsible ownership of these beautiful, smart, athletic but highly misrepresented dogs."

I LOVE being a dog photographer, I mean just look at these faces!!

Cupcake - Pittie Me Rescue

Pedro - Pittie Me Rescue

I encourage you to donate, volunteer or even share, advocate for our furry friends. Pit bulls are so loving and I strongly believe there are no bad dogs.

Here are some links!

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