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"Lost Our Home Pet Rescue was founded in 2008 as a grassroots response to the housing crisis that left thousands of people displaced and thousands of pets abandoned. Lost Our Home Founder and Executive Director, Jodi Polanski, worked as a local mortgage banker during that time and witnessed these devastating results firsthand.

Pets were abandoned in foreclosed homes, often without food or water. Others were forced into shelters—their owners having no other choice. With the second highest foreclosure rates, and the second highest shelter-euthanasia rates, Maricopa County was experiencing a crisis and no existing service was designed to address the needs of both people and pets.

Jodi was quick to recognize this urgent need and launched Lost Our Home Pet Rescue with just a small network of volunteers who were focused on helping the pets that had been abandoned during the housing crisis. Help and hope were on the way!

Soon we learned that the need was even greater than we originally thought, and we responded by quickly expanding our programs to offer additional programs for pets and pet parents facing other life crises too."

Why Lost Our Home?

"Forty percent of domestic violence victims report that they will not leave their abusive situation for fear that their abuser will take revenge on their pets. Lost Our Home Pet Rescue’s Temporary Care Program and domestic violence partnership program means that these victims do not have to choose between their safety and the safety of their pets."

If this program helps someone take that step, by knowing their pet is cared for, then it is all worth it. 

Had been in a mentally & physical relationship, I know how difficult it is to leave the relationship. Especially when a pet is involved. 


Contest Rules

  • Each entry is free; Votes are $1 a vote, starting at 5 votes.

  • All dog breeds are welcome to enter. 

  • Limit of ONE dog per photo entry. 

  • All photos must be uploaded; no prints.

  • Photo must include ONLY your pet.

  • Any photograph that included content that is deemed in appropriate, indecent or obscene, as determined by Good Vibes Photography in their sole discretion, will be removed from the contest with no opportunity for a refund. 

  • We cannot accept copyrighted images.

  • The winners of the photo contest will be determined by the top 13 entries that receive the most votes.


  • Votes are $1 each with a five vote minimum. 

  • Each $1 donation counts as one (1) vote.

  • All donations from voting are non-refundable. Entries and donations must be made via online contest page. Contest payments online are through a secure site. 

  • All winners will be determined by electronic vote tabulations under the supervision of GOGO Photo Contest, whose decisions are final and binding. 

  • Proceeds go to: Lost Our Home, Pet Rescue.

By donating to vote, you are helping someone try to get out of an abusive relationship and / or helping a dog get adopted to his forever home.


Grand Prizes

The top winner will win the coveted cover photo for the 2022 calendar! 

2nd-13th place winners will have their pet featured as a pet of the month. The top 13 vote getters will have their dog professionally photographed by Good Vibes Photography for the 2022 calendar. 

All winners have the opportunity to purchase products and images following their session, if desired. Each winner will receive one digital image, chosen by the photographer. The image chosen by the photographer will also choose the image that is presented on the 2022 calendar. The Grand Prize Winner will receive 10 images from the photo session.

*If your pet is one of the 13 to be photographed for the calendar, you must be able to bring your pet to Good Vibes Photography on pre-selected dates and pre-determined locations during April 10, 2021 to May 30, 2021 for a professional on location photo session. If you are unable to commit to a photo session during those times or find yourself unable to travel during those pre selected locations, you forfeit your winning and the next vote getter will take your dog's spot on the calendar, no exceptions. 

Voting Closed

Thank you, from Lost Our Home & Good Vibes Photography. All proceeds will be going to Lost Our Home. 

By donating to vote, you are helping someone try to get out of an abusive relationship and / or helping a dog get adopted to his forever home.