Flowers 4 Strangers

May 9, 2017

Today, a good friend of mine, Micah, and a new friend I got to meet today, Daniel, and I came together to try and make people smile. Micah shared an inspiring video of a man in NYC that walked around and gave random strangers flowers. It was called #positivemovement 


 I have always wanted to do something like this. Something to make people smile. We all go through so many emotions in a day that I know I personally would have a better day if someone gave me flower out of the blue, regardless if I was having a rough day or not. How would a smile and a flower from anyone make your day worse? There is so much anger and fear in our world right now that we could all use some random acts of kindness. 



People responded with so many smiles!! We caught some taking pictures and selfies with their new flower and I hope that positivity spread through them! That was our goal. To not only make one person happier for a moment and for that to go to others around them as well. We had a handful of people ask why were giving out flowers and seemed surprised to hear we just wanted to see at least one person smile that needed it today. And we definitely saw more than one. 

Some declined their flower, but they were very polite about it (well, except for one, but let's focus on the positive). This is something we would love to do again and will!! We hope we inspired you to pay it forward! 





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