Emily Marie

July 28, 2016

Emily and I shot this past weekend and it was so fun! I know I say that a lot, but honestly, I have such a blast at all of my sessions. I enjoy every minute of it! If a client is nervous, excited, shy...I think a help make them comfortable. Because I may be quite a bit awkward myself, I help people feel at ease to be silly at the same time.  I strive to be professional all the way through but that means I let myself just be myself. An authentic you is always the best way to achieve trust. And I strive to gain your trust as a client of mine. 

Emily and I were able to chat about creatives and our community as creatives in Arizona. We talked about how great it is to be able to share our art with others. Emily has the sweetest laugh and lets her authentic self come out in her images. 

Here is a few images from our first set...




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