MY Boudoir Session

June 7, 2016

I love photographing woman, knowing that when they are leaving their session, they feel fabulous about themselves. I don't just provide images but an experience. An experience that will boost a woman's confidence, touch some of my client's hearts, and be able to also share their story. 


I have never been a really shy woman. I can be quiet but most of my friends know me as outgoing and confident. I think since I was in junior high, my confidence was never very high. Being a cheerleader, a dancer, and violinist, the stage was never scary for me. I still ever felt that I was never as pretty as the other cheerleaders or dancers. I was never first or second chair in orchestra. I was never good enough. So I tried harder. I felt that my personality had to be more and more outgoing. 


That continued through high school and a little into my younger adult age. I got into an abusive relationship that finally ended after 3 years, but not after hurting my self confidence even more. Then I got into another relationship that took a toll on my entire being. That lasted longer than I should have let it but I feel, as long as I came into realization that I am better than these men allowed me to think or feel, I am way better off, whether it had been a month or 7 years. 


I then had my son. I had gained 90 pounds with my pregnancy and realized, I will never be as small as I was before I got pregnant. That was another stage in my life that I had to teach myself that my weight wasn't why my son loved me. He loved me unconditionally. He unknowingly taught me that, my weight, my hair, my make up or what I was wearing isn't why someone should love me. That my outgoing personality was not going to be my vice for my low self confidence anymore. That my personality is why people loved me. Don't get me wrong, I am still not the most confident of woman, I am still learning to love myself. 


I had the pleasure of having a boudoir session provided by the talented Violet Black a few months ago. I had so much fun and she made me feel gorgeous! I left feeling amazing and confident! She pampered me by providing hair and make up done by herself and we created images in the bathtub. I wasn't worried about how this stunning, published, pin up model, make up artist, and photographer was thinking about my stretch marks, my love handles or blemishes. I was thinking of how pretty I felt. I cried when I saw my images. Violet has left an everlasting mark on a part of my life and am forever grateful. 


If you are on the fence about booking a boudoir session, even if not with me, I highly recommend you do it. Every woman deserves to feel pampered and beautiful!! 


Probably one of the most difficult things for me to do right now is share my images from my boudoir session. I feel most at ease behind the camera, not in front! But what was more difficult was sharing part of my story. It's not my entire story but I wanted to share with you, what I have been through and what an impact a photography session can make, or what a difference a boudoir experience can make. 





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